Who said it right??

I’ve often been questioned and made fun of by Nathan, my oh so wonderful boyfriend about pronunciations as well as certain words I choose. But am I wrong?!? I don’t know! I refuse to admit it. So let’s check and see! But oh! First..

Cool story: one time I also got into an argument with my coworkers because they were looking for the “spatula” for a long time but no one saw it. Finally I told them they can use this rubber scraper I had. And they say, “You!! You had it all this time!” What transpires after was a lengthy debate on who was right. Everyone VS me. Obviously I lost by majority rule. But they challenged the wrong person!! I knew I was right! My mom and dad were bakers, we owned a freaking cakeshop!! Come on now, I think I knew what a rubber scraper looked like. Soo.. I went on Google the first chance I got and sure enough when you Google rubber scraper, you’ll find pictures that prove I’m right! And if you Google spatula, you’ll find pictures that show how wrong they are. So go ahead. Check it again if you don’t believe me but I’m pretty sure Google has spoken. This means:

Nicole- 1 Everyone else- 0

But enough bragging. I’ve got a reputation to defend here.

Com-for-table VS comf-table

The first thing pointed out to me was my pronunciation of comfortable which I pronounce as kuhm-fer-tuh-buhl. Apparently, the “correct” pronunciation is kuhmf-tuh-buhl. But is it really?? Well, a quick trip to the dictionary site and we can prove that pretty easily. Both pronunciations are correct. You can listen to them both at this site: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/comfortable?s=t  Of course I’ve cross checked it with other dictionaries and while they don’t include my way of pronouncing it in the audio option, you can still find both pronunciations right next to the word. I will say though that no one in Canada says it like I do so he’s kinda right.

So OK. Technically, I wasn’t wrong but I’m not the most correct. So I guess I’ll graciously lose this round. I just want to say what’s important is that I’m not wrong. GOOOOD.


Nicole- 0 Nathan- 1

Nope.  I change my mind. Why would I choose to graciously lose when I’m not even wrong. Sure, I’m not the most correct but it’s still acceptable! I shouldn’t have to take the fall because of that. Thus there has been a change of scores:

Nicole- 1 Nathan- 1

Before I even begun my research, I’ve already accepted a teeeny tiny bit that I was wrong. And so, it changed the course of my research. I’ll show you how, if you look at it in a different perspective, I could be right too. I just don’t give up easily, don’t I? Nopepers!

Slippers VS flip flops

Alright. I always say slippers ’cause that’s what I’m used to saying and no ones ever corrected me before. Except Nathan, he always gets so confused when I say slippers instead of flip flops. Silly. Anyway! The people I talked to always understood slippers to mean an open-toed footwear, usually made of rubber, with a Y-shaped piece in the middle that separates the big toe from the other toes. But that’s the thing. The people I always talked to then were all Filipinos so, of course they’d understand. They say it like that too!

So yes, my defense is gonna be a cultural defense. Here we go!

What are slippers, really? They’re those soft, fluffy things you wear in the bedroom, right? But is it always soft and fluffy? No it is not. In Canada it might be ’cause it is always cold and you don’t want to get your carpet dirty. But! In the Philippines, it is so freaking hot most of the time and who would use carpets there? Really. How will you even start to sweep the floor with your walis tingting (coconut nib broomstick) if you have a carpet. I’m kidding of course, that’s for outside.

Tangent, check out this website to find out what a “walis tingting” is: http://365greatpinoystuff.wordpress.com/2010/09/24/267-walis-tingting/It’s a really cool website that writes about Filipino things and places. I haven’t read it yet, but it looks very promising! I will check it out right after this!

Where was I? Oh yes. So in the Philippines, our “slippers” looked like “flip-flops.” How do I know this? Well I Googled Philippine slippers and Canadian slippers and of course they showed different results. All you can see in the Canada search results were fluffy things but not in the Philippines, they’re not. OOOH, INTERESTING. You mean people don’t wear the same things around the globe?? What is this?! Hahaha.

After taking time to read my BS, I hope you bought my explanation ’cause it is pretty valid if I might say so myself. Regardless, I know I’m wrong. Will I start saying flip-flops instead of slippers now? Probably not. I’ve been used to it way too long. Plus I like that confused look you give me, Nathan. 😛

I’m sure there were more things we argued about, but I don’t remember. I’ll add them when I do!

So, it’s time for the final score!

Nicole-1 Nathan-2

Canada wins this round folks. Don’t worry, we’ll get them next time.


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